Hello Everybody

Thank you for visiting this blog. As the title suggests this is a collection of cartoons related to the current situation in Iran. Art is one of the major causes of change. The meanings hidden in cartoons and caricatures are worth a thousand words. That's why this blog was created so everyone can share and view these great works of art. Please email any cartoons that you think should be included in this blog to irancartoons@gmail.com. We will post almost anything regardless of the message or a political viewpoint of the artist as long as it is not offensive. With the current political climate it is very difficult to protect the artist's copy rights (since they mostly don't use their real names); however, if you are an artist and your work is posted here and you'd like to remove it please email us (irancartoons@gmail.com). The cartoons are mostly in groups of 5. You may click on different enteries (Series) and view the images. You may also click on a month to view all the entries during that month. We hope you enjoy using this blog and please make comments so we can all have a healthy and respectful dialogue.

Saturday, December 5, 2009